Terms & Conditions



  • A minimum deposit of 20% (non-refundable) of the total sale price and a signed copy of these terms and conditions are required to officially secure your booking/event date.
  • Full payment must be made at least 10 days prior to the event in the form of cash, credit card (additional 1% merchant fee of transaction amount) or bank transfer (preferred). Please see quote/invoice for bank account details.
  • Listed items do not include GST. The GST component (10%) is added at the end of the quote/invoice.



  • We do not provide refunds under any circumstances. 
  • Please ensure that the list of items for your event is officially confirmed (e.g. amount of tables), prior to finalising payment. 
  • Excess funds can be used as a credit toward your event only.



  • Whilst we understand that the specific requirements for your event may slightly change, the following will outline “minor” changes and “major” changes. It is at Romantika’s discretion to determine what is deemed minor/major. Please see below for examples of minor/major changes (please note: this is not an exhaustive list).

     o Minor: a change in numbers to bouquets, buttonholes, guest tables.

     o Major: complete removal of dance floor, main/bridal table, centrepieces.

  • “Minor” changes must be made at least 7 days prior to your event. We cannot guarantee any changes will be possible after this cut-off period. 
  • “Major” changes will not be permitted. In the event that a “major” change occurs, Romantika reserves the right to allocate any payments you have made to cover the financial loss of removing the particular item/s (up to the total agreed price for the particular item/s). Due to our limited supply, based on your commitment to these “major” items we will typically be at maximum capacity on your specific event day.


Damaged or missing items

  • In the case of damaged or missing items, you will be notified within 48 hours of the end of your event.
  • Any damaged or missing items must be fully reimbursed within 7 days of the conclusion of your event.



  • Any private details you disclose to Romantika will not be redistributed to any other party without your prior consent. This includes “total event spend”, names, addresses, contact details and credit card information.


Main/bridal and cake tables

  • In order to keep the wear and tear of our customised main/bridal and cake tables to an absolute minimum, please ensure the following steps are taken:

     o No double sided tape or glue to be used on any part of the tables.

     o Any candles (including tea lights and pillar candles), are not to be placed directly on the table. Please use a glass vase, tea light holder or a mirror base to eliminate/reduce the risk of wax falling directly on to the table. Candles being placed on our perspex tops must be completely enclosed.

  • General wear and tear, including minor scratches or any mess on the table such as food scraps, soft drink or alcohol residue are expected and permitted.


Dance floors

  • Dance floor dimensions (e.g. 8m x 8m) must be pre-approved by the venue. It is your responsibility to provide a floor plan of your event, including the confirmed dance floor size.
  • Quotes/pricing for high gloss/seamless dance floors are on the basis that the venue provides a dance floor or base, unless specified by Romantika in writing.
  • Decals/stickers installed by another supplier must be pre-approved by Romantika. In the case that a third party supplier installs a decal/sticker onto our dance floor, a cleaning/removal fee will apply.


Hanging installations and rigging

  • As an external supplier, we have no control over the rigging fees the venue or other third party suppliers may charge. Therefore, our listed prices do not include any rigging fees, or the use of structural/truss frames (that may be installed by another provider) to safely secure the hanging installation. It is your responsibility to confirm directly with your venue whether there are any additional charges for hanging installations.


Please note:

  • Availability of flowers/colours may be affected by seasonality/weather and by third parties (suppliers), determined by market demand and supply. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that a specific type of flower or colour (e.g. peonies, ranunculus and dahlias) may be available for your event. In the event that a specific type of flower or colour is not available, we will substitute or provide recommendations on an alternate flower/s.